Ground and air transportation arrangements

• Airport–hotel shuttle service for event guests

• Bilingual driver service (vehicles with a capacity of up to 24 passengers; professional drivers holding a class 4B driver’s licence)

• Regional transportation planning

• Access to a vast selection of vehicles: sedans, minivans (Grand Caravan-style), full-size SUVs (Suburban- or Expedition-style), luxury SUVs, hybrid cars, minibuses (15-, 21- and 24-passenger), etc.

• Access to specialized transportation services (touring buses, coaches, buses with specialized accessibility)

• Vehicle fleet management (be it rented or provided by a partner or sponsor)

• Airline ticket purchasing (with or without an airline partner or sponsor)

• Shuttle service

• Artist transportation

• Transportation management for musicians

• Luggage transportation service (hand-carry service) in emergencies

Accommodation management

• Hotel room booking (with or without a hotel partnership)

• Room assignment (room-list management)

• Communication management between the producer, hotel and guests

• Assistance with specific guest needs

Reception service

• “Meet and greet”-style services

• Personalized reception at the airport, train station or bus station

• Guest shuttle service to the event venue

• VIP service

•  Installation of an initial point of contact for guests (e.g., reception table at the hotel or event venue)

• Reception staff or hosts provided

• Accreditation management

Turnkey rate

A team of event managers, coordinators and drivers is at your disposal to ensure that your event goes as planned from start to finish. We become the point of contact between your team and the participants at your festival, conference or show. Our all-inclusive services will allay your guests’ concerns regarding their arrival, accommodation and transportation. 

Photo: Dragana Gordic

À la carte rate

Even if you already have a team at your disposal, we offer à la carte services to support your operations or meet specific needs. We can, for example, dispatch professional drivers to assist your volunteer team, book a hotel room that meets an artist’s needs, or find reception staff in a pinch.